Ensemble Datasets

Each dataset can be downloaded in a compressed folder format from a link at the end of the description. See file “readme.txt” within the folder for more information on the datasets.

Ensemble of Aligned 3D Brain MRI Images

This dataset contains two ensembles of aligned, segmented brain images. The images are 128x128x128 voxel labelmaps in which each voxel is identified as part of an anatomic region of the brain or exterior region by using an associated integer label.
[Download Dataset]

Ensembles of Packet Paths on the Internet

This dataset consists of several ensembles of packet paths on the AS network. These path ensembles are snapshots from the Oregon Routeviews server [1] which also receives AS path information from many other peer servers. Each snapshot contains a set of AS paths from the peers that share the same source AS and destination IP prefix. The AS graph is the union of all nodes and edges that were seen at any point during the year 2013.
[Download Dataset]